About Us

Life By The PieTM is a financial planning system that takes a different approach to financial planning. Through years of research, we’ve developed a system that deals with some of the more inherent problems associated with traditional financial planning.

First; I think we should explain the name Life By The PieTM. Think of your life as a pie; it’s made up of a variety of ingredients, unique to you. Now, following with that idea we use a simple pie chart to express your current life’s situation. Each piece of your pie represents a different aspect of your finances, such as Taxes or Shelter. Representing your finances this way, enables you to see exactly what your own situation looks like, in one place, as opposed to page after page of convoluted numbers and charts. Looking at your pieces, relative to the others; it’s easier to identify areas where you may want to focus some attention. Perhaps you have a piece dedicated to savings or investments that seem too small, or maybe you’re spending a lot more on transportation than you thought.

This is more than a budgeting tool, it’s about putting you in a position to make the choices that better reflect you tastes. Our goal is to give you control and to get you involved with your finances. In order to gain control, you must first know what you’re spending your money on. All aspects of your life are connected; a dollar spent on one piece is a dollar that cannot be spent on another piece. You will have more control over some pieces than others, yet to whatever extent you have control over whichever pieces, we ultimately want you to be able to make the choices that ensure your pie truly reflects your tastes.

Life By The PieTM is not about telling you what you should be spending you’re money on; it’s intended to show you what you’re spending your money on.

First time users will find this most useful for doing just that, helping you to identify what your pie currently looks like. Established users will be able to use this to plan the year ahead. By knowing how much money you have to work with and accounting for all your regular expenses, you will know exactly how much remaining income you will have, to deal with all those other, perhaps unexpected expenses that have not been accounted for in your pie.

Once you have your pie, have fun with our budgeting tool. You can create Future Pies so that you can see the impact certain decision will make, such as buying a new house, a new car, going on vacation and so on. Remember, it’s not always just a question of “can you afford to”, it’s also a matter of knowing what you might have to trade off in order to have it.

Your pie is yours, take control of your finances.